Aiming at providing a differentiated logistics from the first contact to the delivery, in 1997, in the city of São Bernardo do Campo - SP, ABC Cargas started operations with the transportation of cargo to South America.

In 1999, ABC began to work in the transportation of brand new trucks and buses, either by own means or up on boards, to the main automakers and trucks and buses assemblers in South America.

ABC Cargas priority is to offer to the clients increasingly effective transport solutions. As a result of the professionalization process of the company and the work of its employees, clients and partners, in 2002 the company received the ISO 9001 certificate.

With the constant evolution of the work, ABC Cargas grew and expanded its business, and in 2017 implemented the SASSMAQ and ISO 14001 standards, creating its Integrated Management System, considering Quality, Environment, Health and Safety in the scope “General cargo transport, dangerous or safe chemical products transport, equipment, machines and vehicles transport, either by own means up on boards”.

With more than 20 years, ABC Cargas, with all its expertise and know-how acquired during years of experience, has become one of the greatest transport companies of new trucks of South America, proving the market with a high standard quality and innovation.


A trajectory marked by great achievements.



Our Mission

Identify, develop and implement logistics solutions perfectly aligned with the needs and expectations of our Customers.


  • Integrated Management Policy

    ABC Cargas, a company that operates in the national and international market of general cargo transportation, dangerous or non-hazardous chemicals, transportation of equipment, machinery and vehicles by own means or on board, is committed to:

    ✓ To meet all quality standards required by customers in an efficient and profitable manner;
    ✓ Acting in a preventive way, minimizing and controlling occupational and environmental risks related to activities;
    ✓ Meet the legal requirements applied to its operation;
    ✓ Develop a supply chain that generates value to the business minimizing possible risks;
    ✓ Seek constant improvement in the performance of your management system.

    It is the duty of all employees who act on their behalf to carry out their activities in accordance with the requirements of Quality, Environment and Occupational Health and Safety of ABC Cargas.

  • Qualidade

    A ISO 9001: 2015 estabelece requisitos para a identificação e análise do contexto, o qual a organização está inserida assim como os requisitos e necessidades das partes interessadas, e também, uma profunda análise de seus processos, riscos e oportunidades para garantir o atendimento aos requisitos de todas as partes.


    O principal objetivo do SASSMAQ é reduzir os riscos envolvidos nas operações de transporte e distribuição de produto químico, através de uma avaliação dos sistemas de qualidade, meio ambiente, saúde e segurança ocupacional.

  • Meio Ambiente

    A ISO 14001: 2015 define os requisitos para identificação dos aspectos ambientais relacionados com suas atividades, orientando na implementação de controles operacionais para eliminar ou reduzir seus impactos, e também no gerenciamento dos requisitos legais ambientais aplicados.



ABC Cargas's main objective is to provide its customers with a quality workmanship and generate security in the service provided. With this vision, it establishes criteria and procedures for recruiting, selecting and integrating, as well as providing training for all employees, being applied at all levels of the organization.

ABC considers its employees its greatest asset, with this it continuously seeks the motivation in all, so that they have professional responsibilities focused on safety, care with the environment, health care and that carry out their activities with quality.