Improving the control of your products, taking more informed decisions and better managing your supply chain.

ABC Cargas technology provides accurate information, in real time, to help guiding your business.

We offer full integration of systems, with the flexibility to operate on your platform or integrate your software with ours.

Our Services are supported by the best IT systems.

Our systems are constantly evolving to provide our partners and clients with the best level of service, providing real time information.

• Cloud Computing;
• Data base with high level of security;
• Mobile Systems;
• Modular systems;
• Possibility of integration with all systems;
• On-line information through Client’s Portal;
• Customized solutions as per the need of each client;
• Managing, operating and financing reports;
• Visibility of yards;
• Registration of all the stages from the storage to the transport.



ABC CARGAS provides an exclusive communication channel for the client, with employees trained to meet your needs, keeping you informed and answering your questions.

This team monitors all shipments, acting assertively to ensure a high standard service.

There, the service is centered, fast and efficient.

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Telephone numbers: +55 (11) 2199-8520 / 2199-8596/8533.